Goodbye 2018!

Mercy’s not opposed to doing a few pinups over the next few days, especially if it’ll inspire you to show due caution during her busy season.

Don’t miss the incentives:

↓ Transcript
It’s looking like my getting the last word every year is becoming a regular thing. I’m glad to see you still on that side.

TMI will be back after the First of The Year. But keep an eye open for more Aelfheim pages.

So, the usual.

Have a Happy New Year.

And, realy, please don’t make any extra work for me. Agent Usher took his team into deep cover. That leaves me short an agent and 3 uniforms.

OK, between us, I really only miss Officer Featherly.

How are you with filing systems?

Had your flu and pneumonia shots?

Recruitment is quick and painless.