For what it’s worth, Raven’s older than the English Language…

↓ Transcript
Oy, You! Seems some clarifiyin’s in order! Could be a while afore ya see me in the comic, so listen ta me good.

So ya know, I ain’t no loli or chibi. I got me regular proportions. An’ a right nice set o’ cans. I’m jus’, ah, fun size. I’m yer chickie if yer lookin’ fer a li’l fun.

But ya foot fetties c’n keep yer distance. ‘Less yer good with a nail file...

And don’t go mockin’ me accent. It’s not Brit or Cockney. Gotta love ‘em, though. I’m an harpy. Think Greek.

Seein’ as me look was gettin’ “tweaked,” which better not mean somethin’ pervy, I’m here now. I get ta say one more thing.

Harpy New Year!