Yeah, I’m hoping to take over the top spot on TopWebComics. So, here’s another chain of incentives

As mentioned before, their clock appears to be on Coordinated Universal Time, so be sure to vote early (and often).

I may put these up on DeviantArt later, but that sometimes depends on how much energy I have.

Let’s start with the SFW versions.

Click for 960×540

Click for 1920×1080

Click for 960×540

Click for 1920×1080

Incentives (remember it’s UTC)

Vote 12/30 UTC

Vote 12/31

Vote 01/01

Vote 01/02

Vote 01/03

Vote 01/04

Vote 01/05

Vote 01/06

Vote 01/07

Vote 01/08

Vote 01/10

Vote 01/11

Hearts On