Among gamers that’s a serious offense.

I used to be a big fan of Quake II in deathmatch mode. My favorite thing was to camp the campers. I’d find a place where I could get a bead on thier favorite spot and as soon as the got into position, BANG!, with the railgun. It was always so funny how many times I could get them before they figured out I was on to them, much less where I was getting them from.

Carly’s sweater-vest is a freeby from Aery Soul.

↓ Transcript
Ace trudged into work, wearing his usual beige shirt and dark gray pants. "Gibsco. Home of the Gibletizer" the sign proclaimed.

Carly, a Japanese beauty, sat between the sign and an arc shaped receptionist's desk. A tight sweater-vest, covered an ample bosom.

"Morning, Ace! Hard night?"

Ace leaned on on the desk, obviously weary.

"Morning, Carly. You could say that. Mom kicked me out last night."

In obvious shock, Carly asked, "Whatever for?"

"She was already mad at me for dropping out of school. We were playing Deathmatch . . ."

Hanging his head in obvious shame, he continued, " . . . and she caught me camping the Quad Rune!"

Not grasping the importance, all Carly could say was, "Ohhh-kaaay."