Notes: Do let me know if I’ve got these wrong.

Nani – kind of like saying “What the . . .”

Kawaii – cute

Ara – “Oh my”

Anime is a general term for Japanese animation.

Otaku is an obsesive fan. It has a more negative conotation in Japan than the US.

↓ Transcript
"'Nani?' So you're Japanese?" asked Gina?

"I was born in Okinawa," Carly admitted, "but I've lived in the U.S.A. for the last five years."

"Uh-oh," thought Ace.

"So you'd understand . . .," said Gina.

"Understand?" Carly wondered aloud.

"Carly," Ace began to warn, "Mom's an-"

Too late. Gina was clutching Carly to her breasts even closer than before. "Kawaii," she squealed.

". . . anime otaku," Ace finished, rubbing his brow in dismay.

Carly let out an, "Ara?"