Even though they could get their own Basic residential unit and substance, Freeloaders are more common than you’d think in Orion culture. It’s usually a non-sexual relative.

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Don’t get me wrong. We are picky about our sex partners.

But for bonding, we could consider more of the right people. Our foster-mother had 3 bond-mates plus the gene-father of our bond-sister Alexy hung around a lot.

Christmas must have been a hoot when you were kids.

No more than others. We have 12 aunts and uncles by foster, plus she has 6 and I have 5 by gene-parents. Not counting their bond-partners. So it was about the usual.


Uh, I have 5.

Aunts Mike, Lea, Andromeda, and Susan. And Uncle Apolo.

And your uncle Fritz.

I thought he was your uncle.