Don’t you just hate it when a big guy with an East Coast accent wearing a bustier and mesh stockings thinks you’re weird?

↓ Transcript
"Ace," Tony said, his East Coast accent as thick as ever, "Don't get me wrong or anything. But you're a sensitive guy, Carly says you don't hardly date, and you just ran away from a pretty girl. Are you sure you're straight."

"Tony!" Carly scolded.

Ace held up a hand, "It's OK, Carly. This question's come up before, in less friendly ways. Tony, I know I'm not attracted to men. So I'm not gay, bi, or even curious."

Ace continued, "But I suppose, technically I'm not straight, either."

Tony scratched his chin, "I don't get it."

Looking confused, Carly said, "Hell, I'm confused!"

"I'm saving myself," Ace said, "for, well, a serious relationship at least."

"Wait!" Tony said. "You're a virgin."

"Yes," said Ace.

"That's," Tony paused for thought, "kind of weird."