Rocky is actually my most broken character.  She’s functional, but badly in need of treatment, which she isn’t getting.

↓ Transcript
Rocky is explaining to Ace and Carly, "I been sleepwalking since before I can remember. But I ain't done it in a long time."

Ace asks, "You called me 'Billy', who's that?"

Rocky replies, "I ... I don't remember."

She goes on, "I don't remember anything before I was six or seven. Not even my Mama or Papa."

Carly asks, "What happened to them?"

Rocky says, "My Papa died with I was four. Mama got married again, but she left about when I was six. Nobody knows if she's alive or dead."

Carly asks, "So, you have a step-father?"

Rocky replies, "He's rotting in the state pen, 'cause he killed ... someone."

Rocky adds, "I grew up in foster care around here."

Ace comments, "Wow. Rocky, you've really had it rough."

Rocky says, "Yeah? Well, now you gonna understand..."

Ace and Carly ask in unison, "Understand?"

Rocky gets real serious. "Carly, I understand you and your daddy ain't on the best of terms and its most his doing, and Ace, you don't know who your daddy is. But..." She pauses, and curls a fist. "... next time either of you dis your mamma front of me, you gonna get a whooping."