You’ve heard of Calvin and Hobbs, right?

↓ Transcript
Pixie sprawled immodestly on the sofa, unconcerned of what she might be showing to Ace.

"Hey Calvin. How's Hobbs?" she asked sarcastically. Mocking Ace's hair style.

All Ace could manage was, "Uh. Hi."

"Charming," commented Pixie.

Turning to Carly, Pixie asked, "So if he's not your latest, where's he going to sleep? There's no furniture in the spare room."

Carly gestured toward Ace, "Ace will be using the guest room tonight, of course."

"But that's my room," exclaimed Pixie.

To Pixie's chagrin, Carly's scary voice said, "Pixie, you don't live here."