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"Good Morning," said Ace as he came down the stairs. He was wearing his usual red t-shirt and black shirt.

Carly was wearing his pink sweater-vest and brown skirt. Rocky was wearing the gray tank top she'd reclaimed from Pixie.

"Nn," was all Rocky offered.

"You OK, Rocky?" Ace asked.

"Morning, Ace," Carly said.

"Nn," said Rocky intent on the weather report on TV.

"Oh, Ace," said Carly, "Rocky just told me she hasn't heard from her grandfather since before the storm."

"Pixie couldn't have picked a worse time for her latest stunt," Carly went on.

"What's she done anyway?" asked Ace.

Carly grimaced, "She's been visiting, Steve, her ex-boyfriend, in jail."

"What's he in jail for?" Ace wondered.

Carly clutched his stomach and said, "Putting her in the hospital."