White makeup obviously wouldn’t work for Orions. So Orion court jesters painted their faces orange.

So, you might say that orange skin lacks appeal.

↓ Transcript
OK. I assumed an anthocyanin based pill was behind your pigmentation. Is that a big deal?

About 1 in 10 million have my condition. It was kind of cool being the rare purple Orion, but since then they worked out how to do it on purpose. A lot of people react badly to it, but it seems a lot don’t.

So now everyone thinks I’m just another Purp user.

So why take chlorophyllizers at all?

Believe me, I’ve considered it, but I’m pale as a bedsheet without them. Makes people think I’m ill. The only other alternative is a carotene based orange.

And we’ve come to associate orange face with clowns and fools*.

*She means mimes. They’re stuck with pigeons all over their parks, too.