Ever get a creepy feeling about a basement or a closet? Yeah, me too.

↓ Transcript
Outside the house, Ace peered nervously into the basement entrance.

"Ace?" asked Carly from the deck. Carly was wearing a nightgown, with a black sweater thown on.

"Wha?!" exclaimed Ace. "Oh, Carly. You startled me."

"Sorry," said Carly. "Thought we had a prowler. What are you doing?"

"I couldn't sleep," said Ace. "I kept hearing someone, well, something, maybe a cat, crying.'

Ace continued, "Seemed like it was coming from the basement, at least for a while."

Ace looked down at the darkened stairs.

"Want me to go down there with you?" offered Carly.

"Yes, please," said Ace.