Almond jelly is a thing. Really…

↓ Transcript
Pierre: I think you’re forgetting something.
Galadriel: Nope. I’m leaving you some inspiration. I want to show off a draft proposal for your habitat design by the end of the deci. Oh, and I’ll be raiding your pantry for protein strips and kelp juice on the way out.
Pierre: You and your Basics. The wards eat better than you do.
Galadriel: Peh! I was raised a trekker. Sometimes that’s all we had left in ship stores. So to me it’s comfort food. Now, if you hurry over, the Wardhall might still have some bison stew left. Can’t promise there’s any almond jelly dessert left, tho...
Pierre: And just when I need the energy… I think the real reason you show up after the mid-session break, sitting on The Dais commando and munching on snacks is so everyone knows you’ve been doing something other than eating lunch.
Galadriel: Can’t have people thinking the finest mind of The Empire is being neglected.
Pierre: I knew it! You only love me for my mind.
Galadriel: You also make for good arm-candy...