Poor Rocky’s under a lot of stress.

Most of my characters appear in the same outfits over and over. Part of that is so they’re easily recognized. Rocky, with her bald head stands out pretty well, so partly as a result, she has the most variation in outfits.

↓ Transcript
Spooky: You make me think that you don't really plan to help me.

Ace: Spooky? Why do you only show up when I'm just falling asleep?

Spooky: Why will you not see me, 'til you doze?

Spooky: Someone comes.

Ace: Who?

Spooky (she has disappeared): A little girl, seeking shelter with her brother.

Ace: Another ghost?

Spooky: After a fashion.

Rocky (entering): Billy? Daddy's drinking again. Can I sleep with you?