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From left to right

Cadet Graduate
Engineering, Life Support Systems
Pure Highborn
Doesn’t go in for that “elitist crap,” herself.

Cadet Graduate
Engineering, Drive and Power Systems
Mostly Tech with a Terran grandmother.
Doesn’t metabolize chlorophyllizers properly. But the alternatives don’t appeal to her.

Chief of Engineering
“Pure” Lifter (formerly called Labor Caste)
Easily the third most intelligent crewmember, in addition to being the strongest.

Secretly amused.

Deputy Commander
Chief, Administration and Services
Mostly Terran with an Orion grandfather
Chief Waltons weight training buddy. Her Terran grandmothers were rescued together. It’s a long story, but she needs little prompting to tell it.

Deputy Commander
Command and Control, Navigation
Mixed Heritage (including a Highborn great grandmother shared with Veracity)
Older foster sister to Veracity. They still occasionally sleep together. Plans to propose a bond after this mission.

Command and Control, Helm Controller
Mostly Tech
Younger foster sister and 2nd cousin to Surety. Hopes to have babies, but hybrids don’t appeal to her. Still, Sky and Luna sure look healthy.

Deputy Commander
Deputy Chief, Sciences
Mixed Heritage
Has several common ancestors with Surety and Veracity, but they haven’t looked it up, yet. Prefers men, but fun is fun.

Crewleader Senior
Admin and Services, Steward
Scribe/Tech parentage
Not used to being around officers in a social situation.