Rosa Cartman developed into an interesting character I think. No one complains when she doesn’t appear for a while though.

Note that this fictional company is “Cartmart USA”. It’s supposed to be a play on Wal*Mart and I’m pretty sure there’s no department store chain in the US by that name, but I’d completely forgotten that Great Britain has a “Cartmart” chain. Sort of like the old TG&Y stores here in the US. I may have even shopped in one when I was in England in 2004 to buy a plug converter for my laptop.


↓ Transcript
There is a knocking at the door to Ace's office. A voice from outside asks, "Ready in there, Ace?"

"I'm dressed. I don't know about ready," comes the reply.

Uncle Gary enters, and gives the thumbs up. "Whoa! Ace! Lookin' good!"

Ace seems dubious. "You sure that's a good thing?"

Rosa enters, and Uncle Gary makes introductions. "Ace, allow me to introduce Rosa Cartman, CEO and majority shareholder of Cartmart USA. Mrs Cartman, this is my nephew, Ace."

Ace dutifully says, "It's a pleasure to meet you."

Rosa asks, "Just 'Ace?'"

"Yes Ma'am," Ace replies.

Rosa declares, "We've met."