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Ace smiled at the two older women understandingly, "Now hold on. I think I read the same article you did; some Fed commenting that all but one pedophile they'd caught was a Star Trek fan. That doesn't mean all Star Trek fans are pedophiles, not even a significant fraction are. I've been a kid around Trekkers, so I think I'd know."

Miss Maybelle noted, "But you are a young, unattached white male, raised without a father figure."

Miss Margarette asked, "Do you own one of those Klingon swords?"

As Ace backed up a step, Miss Maybelle continued, "Have you ever dressed as a Klingon?"

"Now look," said Ace, "being a Star Trek fan doesn't mean I'm going to molest children any more than being a gamer means I'll turn violent."

"You're a gamer?" asked Miss Margarette.

"Yes," declared Ace.

"Back away slowly, Maybelle," whispered Miss Margarette.

Miss Maybelle whispered back, "Don't look him in the eye's Margarette.