Let Jaz make it all better…

↓ Transcript
Carly turned to Tony, "Tony, I'd like a word with Ace in private."

Tony shrugged, "OK, I'll go out and see Jaz."

Carly looked at Ace, crossly, "Ace, you can tell my friends outright that you're straight. They'll respect that. There was no reason to pull Tony's leg like that."

"I'm not pulling anyone's leg," Ace said. "It's true."

"Really," asked Carly.

As Rocky and Pixie argued in the background, Ace launched into an explanation, "You know my Aunt Charity. When my Mom was in the Air Force she sometimed had to leave me with her.

"Mom used to belong to the same church as Aunt Charity, but they practically ostrasized her for be pregnant with me, so I wasn never baptized.

"So any time I did something wrong, Aunt Charity tends to let slip that I'm just and unbaptized bastard.

"I suppose that's one of the two reasons I developed a higher moral code. It shuts her up."

"And the other reason?" Carly asked.

"It pisses her off that her kids are out of control, and I'm the 'good' kid."

"Well," added Carly, "it's a good thing Tony's not a gossip. Saying something like that in front of some of my friends is like waving a red flag at a bull."

Jaz appeared lustily rolling out his name, "Ace."