Nobody quits Rosa.

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Hired? But we haven’t even…


I got a look at the security camera as you drove up.

Older van with faded housekeeping signs and a house trailer that’s seen a few miles. And I could see the stress on your faces. Everything you own is in that van and trailer, isn’t it?

You’ve had to leave your old life behind to look for new opportunities.

As luck would have it, Will and I have been discussing getting an in-residence driver and mechanic, and Henry is starting to need help around the house.

And I think your character has been amply demonstrated.

And you’ve made it all the way up here without finding anything, so I can take ruthless advantage of that.

There’s RV hookups behind the garage you can use for now. We can put in a separate cottage for you if things work out.

The backyard, pool, and game room are open to all, but I insist on an adult, a good swimmer at that, be present for children in the pool. The kids can have guests as long as they don’t leave a mess or put Henry out.

And you’re all welcome to join us when we dine in the kitchen. Will and Henry both cook way to much good food. Obviously, leftovers in the fridge are fair game.

This is a good school district. I can make sure the bus will stop at the gate. And I’ll probably spoil your kids rotten.

How is all that ruthless?

A tough negotiator, eh? I suppose I could also pay you.