Money may be no reason, but it appears that Uncle Gary does believe a man should own a good suit and should see at least one opera.

↓ Transcript
Uncle Gary speaks with Ace, "You do own 10% of the company. If we get this contract it will be worth a lot..."

Ace is aghast, "Uncle Gary!"

Uncle Gary says, "I could make it 15%..."

Ace is even more aghast, "Uncle Gary!"

Uncle Gary seems to be taken aback, and contrite. "I'm sorry, my boy. Your aunt would probably have a scripture on greed ready for me if she were here. Money is no reason for you to go through with this." He turns to go.

As Ace moves to his chair, he comments, "Anyway, I don't know anything about opera, and I've never worn a tuxedo."

Next thing he knows, he's being fitted for a tux, and Uncle Gary is giving him a quick rundown on the opera. "You'll be seeing 'Das Rhinegold' by Wagner. It's the first of four epic operas in the "Ring of Nibelung" series..."