Grace Hopper actually died on New Years Day 1992. I was sure I’d read something differently. So in this universe, she’s alive and kicking. So there!

↓ Transcript
"You've met?" asked Uncle Gary.

"I'm sorry," said Ace. "I don't recall."

Mrs Cartman explained, "In 1995 I was co-speaker with Grace Hopper at a conference on women in business and science here in Portland."

"Grace Hopper?" wondered Uncle Gary.

Ace explained, "Grace Hopper was a pioneer in the field of computer programming from right after World War II through the 1980's and then some. She's credited as the driving force behind the development of several programming languages including COBOL and FORTRAN. I remember that conference."

"Yes," grinned Rosa, "well, an eight year old boy scrambling to the the autograph of an eighty year old woman tends to stick in one's mind as well. And you were such a cutie."