Like you were going to let me get away with NOT doing this…

↓ Transcript
You know, Ace, we’re just teasing. Group bathing is mostly social to us. It’s a little sensual sometimes, but mostly in fun. It’s actual sex in a shared space we consider tacky. Obviously, no one here minds if you see them naked. And we know you aren’t prone to ogling. But it’s your choice.

You can enjoy a bath in good company. Back washing optional. We won’t leer. Much.

You can leave. But even though we’ll deny it, you know there’ll be some hurt feelings.

Or, we can let you have the sentō all to yourself. We’ll make sure you aren’t disturbed.

Oh, there are private bathing facilities, but they’re usually in use by people having a moment and have to be reserved ahead of time.

And the lavatories in crew quarters include washing kits, but that’s no fun.

Well, I’m kind of getting used to sharing a hot tub with naked lady friends. I’m just waiting on the one thing sure to happen.

What’s that?


Aw, Damn. He’s still got clothes on.

Just pay it to Luna when you can. That’ll square what I owe her.

Bro?! Only one naked lady all over you?

Poor Walton. Now she has to behave.