So, for someone that avoids confrontations, Carly’s sure willing to cause them.

↓ Transcript
Ace and Carly entered the covered pool. Rocky soaked in a separate hot tub off to one side.

"Rocky," Carly scolded, "you started without us!"

In a light southern accent, Rocky replied, "I was starting to think you two found something more interesting to do."

Carly plopped down at the edge of the pool as Rocky asked, "So, Carly, did you ask him?"

"Ask me what?" Ace wondered.

"That would be 'No' then?" Rocky noted.

Carly laughed softly, "Sorry."

Rocky looked up at Ace, "Ace, we were going to have some friends over Friday. Nothing wild. But we can cancel if you want."

Ace shrugged, "No. Fine by me."

"Most 'em are gay," Rocky added.

"No prob," said Ace.

"Don't worry, Ace," said Carly, now floating face up in the pool. "You won't be the only straight person there."

"Oh?" asked Ace and Rocky.

"I invited your mom," Carly added.