It’s an important distinction…

↓ Transcript
Carly walks into the dining room where Ace is getting ready for breakfast

Carly: ' Morning, Ace

Ace: 'Morning

Rocky From kitchen: Hey, Carly! Want some eggs and bacon?

Carly: Yes, please Rocky!

Carly: Not having any, Ace?

Rocky yells angrily.

Rocky: Ain't talkin' ta him!

Ace: Rocky's a little upset at me.

Carly: That noise from your room last night? She didn't??? You didn't???

Ace: No. Nothing like that. We found out we both play World of Warcraft on the same server.

Carly: That will make all three of us then.

Ace: Seem's our characters had already "met."

Ace points his thumb over his shoulder towards the kitchen

Ace: She's mad 'cause I had won the fight.

Rocky yells again, louder this time.


Carly puts his hands on his hips and responds in a scary voice

Carly: You play HORDE?