Pixie seems strangely comfortable getting naked in front of Ace . . .

↓ Transcript
Everyone looked up as Pixie entered the pool house. She was wearing mesh stockings, a short black leather skirt, a matching brief jacket, and a black bra. "Here you guys are!" she declared.

"Come on in," Rocky said. "The water's fine."

"Sounds good!" said Pixie, shedding her skirt.

"Er. Pixie," said Carly, "would you like to change to your suit in the house?"

"Don't got one," Pixie noted as the stockings came off.

"I think I have something you could use," Carly offered as Ace turned away.

"Ah," said Pixie, having removed every stitch, "It's just us. I don't need a suit."

"Ace?" asked Rocky, noting him sink beneath the water.