Opera is web browser that’s been gaining popularity over the years.  It’s had a number of features that have been picked up over time by Firefox and Internet Explorer, and is worth checking out.

I never got around to featuring it (never found a model for it) but many geeks own a plush penguin modelled after the Linux mascot, Tux.  That’s the “tux” Ace would have gotten.

↓ Transcript
Ace put his hand to his temple and groaned out, "OK, Larry. What does this job involve anyway?"

Smiling back, Larry noted, "Well, I remember you saying you liked Opera . . ."

Ace cheered up, "Installing Opera? I can handle that."

"Installing?" asked Larry. "No. You're going to the Opera! The old lady needs an escort Friday night." Larry continued talking on his way out the door. "No need to thank me. Good thing you got that tux the other day. Oh, and if she tries anything, remember, she's very, very rich."