Just wait ’till they find out she can sing, too.

↓ Transcript
Well, I’ve always wanted to be rich and famous. And when was someone going to tell me this?

I shouldn’t have said anything. I don’t have all the details, so from me it’s hearsay. Especially the financial part. But since I’m a granddaughter of The Empress, you could have taken it as official.

I’m sure Mother, The Cap- I mean Admiral now, is having someone look up the full details to brief you with after you’ve rested. But, I’m sure you could expect to live comfortably as a Citizen of The Empire. Even if you don’t live in Ace’s palace.

You guys really push the immigration thing, don’t you?

We need the new genes, ideas, and inspirations.

Most don’t want to admit it, but The Orions are dying off. Most are infertile. So there’s barely 50 million of us.

We don’t really know how half our tech works. Even with the unlocked fabbers there are still some things we can't fix.

We’ve never fully recovered from the loss of Habitat Aesop. We’re crowded onto the 11 others left, of which two may need to be abandoned. Soon. Smaller space stations are comparatively fragile and short lived. And most life bearing planets are still impractical to populate, if they aren’t still hostile to human life, after centuries of terraforming.

We still have idiots, Orion and Terran, that won’t allow any meaningful population transfer.

Yes, we’ll take anyone we can get.

And since you’re a skilled medic… Hell yes, we want you!