If  you haven’t figured it out, that’s Rocky’s grandfather.  The man in blue is named Earl and he may turn up again.  I’d originally wanted to do a sequence of strips with Grampy on the road, but I wasn’t able to find the time.

↓ Transcript
The cue ball tapped the 8 ball ever so slightly. Just enough to drop it into the pocket.

"Well," the man in blue said, "you warned me. I better stop while I still have rent money."

"I'd never take a man's rent money," stated the elderly gent, still holding the pool cue.

"No offence, Pops," explained the man in blue, "but when you picked up a house cue I didn't expect you to be this good."

The old man shrugged, "Sorry. Lost my favorite cue with the house, I'm afraid."

"You're a refugee?" asked the man in blue?

"Making my own way," declared the old man. "Heading for Oregon."

"Got family there?" asked the man in blue.

"Sort of," said the old man. "Got a grandduaghter in Vancouver, across the river from Portland. She's probably worried sick."

"You ain't called?" asked the man in blue.

"Can't," said the old man. "Wallet got stolen just as I was heading out. I had her address and phone number in it. But if I can get to Portland, I can find her.