I don’t know if I’d ever heard of an “Officer Friendly” before I came up with Sharron, but it just seemed right. As far as I know there’s several instances where the name was adopted for school programs, but not for a comic. Like Jaz, Sharron’s turned out to be more popular than I expected.

↓ Transcript
"Roxanne Jackson?" The police officer extended a hand to Rocky and introduced herself. "I'm Officer Sharron Friendly. We spoke on the phone."

"A pleasure," Roxanne said in her southern drawl. "But I reckon you would have called if you had good news."

"I've had to deliever worse news," Sharron said. "The good news is that your grandfather did check into a shelter before the storm."

"And the bad news?" Rocky asked.

"No one knows when he left or where he went," said Sharron.