Oddly enough, the gay friends I’ve had, when it’s come up, mentioned that their families already being on to them when they came out and still enjoyed their support. But then, the ones with family problems perhaps chose to not talk about it.

↓ Transcript
Ace and Grampy are sitting out on the steps of the front porch, talking while Grampy smokes a cigarette.

Grampy: I'd forgotten how clear the night sky can be here. Thank you for coming out to talk, Ace.
Ace: No problem.

Grampy: Want a puff?
Ace: No, thanks. I don't smoke.
Grampy: Good. It's a filthy habit. How close are you and my granddaughter?
Ace: We're really just friends, sir.
Grampy: Really? She tells me you've slept together.

Ace chokes. Grampy laughs.

Ace: ACK! *cough cough*
Grampy: Ha ha! Just pulling your leg, Ace. I have to confess that I'm a little relieved. I was sure that when she finally settled down, I'd be welcoming a new granddaughter instead of a grandson to the family.