Jaz is in charge of entertainment…

↓ Transcript
Three days we've been aboard this ship, and while I enjoy the company of the Orion’s I do not wish to spend the next 3 to 6 months for the round trip to EARL. Among other things, I need to finish planning a bachelorette party.

Where are Master Gibs and Miss Yi? Shouldn't they be here, too.

They will be staying aboard and therefore aren’t party to this conversation.

There's two things we'd need to keep in mind about Orion law. It specifies serious penalties for conspiracy, causing injury to others, property damage and theft.

Let’s be certain about one thing, I don't- won't be party harming anyone. Nor will we steal anything. I hope. Still the legality of what I intend to do is questionable at best. That said, anyone wanting to leave the room now would be the time. I only ask that you avoid the rest of us for 10 hours.

I am Orion. Do you wish to discuss this in front of me?

Especially you. Your health- Your life is at risk just by being in space. And we can't do without you.