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Ace met Carly in the kitchen.

First think Carly said was, "Sorry Ace. All this is probably really hard on Rocky. Her 'Grampy' is the only family she has left."

Ace nodded, "That's really sad. I know this is a bad time, but could you tell me about some of the ghosts here?"

Carly tapped at his chin with a soft smile. "Well there's 'Sad Man.' I think he's the original owner. He shot himself when his lover left. And a few indistinct ones I think come from the pioneer cemetery nearby. I try to tend the graves about once a month or so and say a prayer or two. It helps keep them quiet. But I think what they really want is for family to come visit."

Ace asked, "Anything about a pretty, female ghost with green eyes and a nightgown that tends to fall off her shoulders? Might have died during Prohibition."

"Can't say that I have," said Carly. "You sure you weren't having an erotic dream?"

"Well ...," began Ace. "She did try to seduce me."