Nani: Kind of like saying, “What the-“.

↓ Transcript
"I understand if you're still mad, Ace," said his mother. "But you should at least introduce me to your friends."

Ace sighed, "OK."

"Now don't anybody get up," Ace's mom said.

Ace began, "Mom, these are my roommates, Rocky and Carly. Guys, this is my mother, Gena Gibs."

"Hello," said Rocky.

"Carly?" Gena asked, extending a handshake. "So you're the quote ladyboy unquote that has my holy-roller sister-in-law in such a tizzy?"

"Er, I guess," said Carly.

In a flash, Gina covered the remaining distance and had Carly clutched to her chest. "CUTE!" she declared.

"Nani?" slipped from Carly in total surprise.