Maddie Cartman, my poor little rich girl. Absurdly thin, people love her or hate her.

↓ Transcript
Ace was in his office installing a component into the big blue cabinet when Larry came up from behind.

"Ace!," declared Larry, "Buddy!"

Ace turned slightly, "What do you want now, Larry?"

"I'm going to be negotiating a big contract with a client. Can you entertain her granddaughter for a bit?"

Ace turn further, "Larry this is not a day-!" He stopped.

Larry was already half out the door, gesturing toward a svelte redhead, she wore a blue gray blouse that exposed her midriff and a black miniskirt that was split along the left thigh. She stood defiantly, fists poised on her hips.

"Maddie," said Larry, "this is Ace, no last name. Ace this is Maddie Cartman. You kids have fun. No one will notice if the door is shut for half an hour or more. Wink wink!"

With the door shut, Ace opened with an eloquent, "Um ..."

"Don't get your hopes up," said Maddie.