We all have to make sacrifices . . .

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Ace trudged up to the front desk. "Carly," he asked, "you seen my uncle?"

Carly replied, "He just left with Larry. Something about celebrating."

Ace clenched his fist. "Great. My sacrifice doesn't even rate a free lunch."

"Pardon?" asked Carly.

"Never mind," Ace said. "Probably best I not get into it until I've spoken to Uncle Gary. How's Rocky?"

"Better," noted Carly. "I only had to talk her out of taking her bike to Louisiana three times today."

"That's it!" exclaimed Ace. "I need to drive Rocky to Louisiana in my van!"

"Ace," Carly exclaimed back, "you're lucky that your van even gets you to work! You'll break down halfway."

"You think?" Ace said hopefully.