In Celebration of the Life and Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King JR
If we aren’t all human, none of us are.

This is a reworked comic from one I did in 2008. I always meant to fix some things with it. Today seemed as good a day as any other to update it.
I received a lot of positive feedback on the original strip. I’d always wanted to say something before, but inspiration had eluded me. I’d thought about having Rocky or Grampy saying something, much like when Ace’s mom spoke about Memorial Day, but that just didn’t seem quite right. Much as I might respect the man and his message, being, as a friend once stated, “white enough to disappear in front of laundry,” I don’t feel qualified to speak on many racial issues. I didn’t want to make a half-hearted, ill educated attempt and end up sending the wrong message.
But in the early hours of that morning, it hit me. I could have easily settled Ace in with a bunch of straight white males and probably had a more successful strip even. I didn’t set out to make TMI so racially diverse, it just seemed natural to me.
And isn’t that the message?