Gotta love tabloids.

↓ Transcript
A page from a tabloid newspaper shows the headline MYSTERY GIGOLO!
The picture is one of Ace with Rosa Cartman on his arm; Rocky's back is also seen as she was walking in the opposite direction. The story reads:

"Shopping magnate, Rosa Cartman, is a known fan of the opera, but when she showed up with an unknown boy-toy on her arm Friday evening tongues began to wag. The couple had been spotted sharing an intimate dinner earlier and left the opera house in her car.

"Imagine our surprise when the same young man was spotted courting her granddaughter and well-known fashion model, Madeline Cartman, the very next day.

"So far, attempts to identify the young Casanova have proved fruitless. Is this an unknown male model, or simply a good looking golddigger? Press agents for the Cartmans refused to divulge the identity of the youth or his relationship with the two ladies."

Below this story is a headline for an unseen story: SASQUATCH TO MAKE LOCAL APPEARANCE FOR FUND RAISER!