I realize that some people may feel that Spooky’s dialog is off, and I plan to rework it someday. In the meantime, anyone that knows how a 1920s Scott from Buckie would say things, please pipe up.

↓ Transcript
"Who are you? What are you doing in my room?" Ace asked the spectre.

She smiled, and Ace heard the same Scottish lilt in his head, "It was my room first, Lad. But I'm willing to share."

Her lips never moved as she extended a hand. "I can't give you my real name, but the lass that stayed here before called me, Spooky."

"I'm Ace," Ace said, reaching for her hand. His hand passed through hers. "What the ..."

"Silly," she said. "You can't shake hands with a ghost."

"You," Ace gasped out. "You're really a ghost?"

"Did we not establish that?" she scowled.