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So unless we clear this up soon, we may have to take the long way home. That’s travel to a nearby star, and then gate back. That could be several months.

I’m told you’ll need to stay in the med bay for about 3 days if you don’t want to end up a mess of scars. No matter what, we aren’t going to abandon you here.

That could take longer if there are complications .I’m assuming that after gel bath treatments, any scars will be minor, but you may want to stay with us for a T-month or so anyway. We have a tool for skin sculpting. It’s like a tiny transporter to move cells around. In addition to removing scars, growths and blemishes, I can do moderate plastic surgery.

I can take that long way if need be. Sounds like adventure. So no need to wait on me for going home.

Carver-Sensei, that is how you have elf ears?

No. I have elf ears because I’m half elf.