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To tell the truth, I didn’t come to ask for a job, but I’ll take it. I’m very grateful.

The whole town dried up when the factories closed. Outsourcing. I lost my shop and people stopped needing housekeeping. I got the trailer for doing some work, and we were living out of it on my mother’s place. I tried enlisting, but I have ear problems.

And then, when Mom passed away last year, the bank foreclosed without letting us even try to take over the loan. Not like I had that kind of money anyway.

I’m so sorry for your loss.

Thank you.

It’s been hard, but Anya and her girls have been a blessing. If I hadn’t met them that day, I’d truly be poorer for it. I’m so glad you and Providence pointed us at each other.

And at least I don’t have any debts.

But just before Mom passed, she told me we had family up this way, but they’d fallen out of touch. She’d been doing drugs and all else, and had even become hateful toward them. That was before she met my father and found God.

She said she was always too ashamed to look them up again.

We still had some money, so we packed it in and headed here.

That’s terrible. If I’d known…

No. That town was done for. Even the MegaMarket closed. After that it took a 30 minute drive just to get groceries.

I remembered you’d be looking up knife companies in the area in order to locate your granddaughter, so I thought you might know something. Seemed a good reason to visit. And to say hello, too.

Did you happen upon any kitchenware companies run by a Gary Gibs? I guess he’s my uncle. I thought it might be GibsCo, but some guy named Ace runs that.