Grampy might have a saying…

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Carver-sensei? You say you have no sex?

Never. It’s ultimately just a total pain in the ass.

I don’t even have a sensitive spot. I had a uterus-like mass, once, but those get cancerous sometimes, so I had it removed. And my gonads were absorbed back into my body before my 4th cycle. That’s actually fairly typical of hanyo.

You do not regret?

I regret plenty. I’ve been the subject of a lot of bias, even here and now. I’m the last of my line and will never have children. And I’m short, even for a hanyo.

But… Any bias only drives me. I imprinted on X’s sibs and cousins while we were lost in space. And I almost never have to duck.

We all wish that we, and our pasts, were fundamentally different, but, if that were so, we would be someone else entirely. And, like as not, still wishing things had been different, yet again. We can’t change who we are, only who we become.

And I’m just as happy not being a hormone driven fuck machine.