Sorry about the long break. Usual issues…

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I haven't actually seen them in person yet. They didn’t complete gestation until I was well away on this mission. I named them Atlantica and Pacifica. I was hoping for a boy to name Indiana, but it didn’t take.

I’m sorry to hear that.

It’s OK. They’re probably non-viable when that happens, so we don’t get emotionally involved that early, anyway.

My aunt, Da-te, and my friend, Anatu, the K’Sel Vice Grand Leader, are looking after them on Ace’s habitat. I get away with keeping them together because there are so many Lawton girls, running around. So I have more than a few pics and vids to show, when you’re ready.

But be careful with Stormy. She was X-mom’s first out of gestation, and she takes her position as big-sis, particularly to her half-sibs, seriously. She has entire virtual libraries. and by “virtual” I mean literally, not figuratively.