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Ace sat on the sofa next to Rocky. "What's new?" he asked.

In her southern drawl, Rocky said, "They're still rescuing folks. And ain't collecting bodies, yet."

Rocky continued, "You know I'm worried about my Grampy. But he would have known that shack of his wouldn't make it so he's sure to have cleared out"

Ace offered, "So he's probably holed up somewhere safe, but out of contact. Right?"

"He better be!" Rocky contined in her southern drawl. "Because if he's comfy cozy somewhere and he ain't called because he's lost my phone number again. I'm going to kill the old coot."

"Sounds reasonable," Ace said. "Look, Rocky, we haven't known each other that long, but if there's anything I can do, let me know."

"Aw," said Rocky, "that's so sweet."

She reached out to Ace, "Ace, if you were a girl, I'd kiss you."

Ace grinned back, "Lets put 'sex change' under 'Extreame Measures,' OK?"