Jaz does take “No” for an answer. She’s just never heard anyone say it.

↓ Transcript
Jaz held the back of Ace's neck in a loose embrace as she looked at him with burning eyes.

Carly, though obviously cross, was speechless.

"Jaz," said Ace, "I'm really flattered."

"But I want you to understand that I was raised without a father, and I'm not going to chance having children that I can't be there for. When I do have children it's going to be with someone I've dedicated myself too.

"I got no problem seeing if you're that person.

"And I must say," Ace pause for a moment to ponder Jaz' legs being wrapped around his hips, "I like your enthusiasm.

Jaz asked, "Any issues with heavy petting?"

No one noticed as Pixie stomped past.