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Now wearing a pink sweater-vest, with matching leggings, and short skirt, Carly looked down on Ace as he sat on the sofa holding a blue ice pack to the side of his face. "I'm really sorry about this, Ace."

"I'm fine. Realy," Ace declaired.

From off to the side someone yawned loudly and asked, "New boy toy, Carly?"

Looking to the side, Ace and Carly could see Pixie leaning against the wall wearing only a short gray tanktop and a very brief panty. Pixie was a small girl with very fair skin, a little on the plump side but in all the right places. A bright red, incomplete tattoo highlighted her navel, and a darker muddy black tattoo wrapped her right upper arm. Most of her hair was black, but red bangs framed her face.

"Oh, hello Pixie," Carly said. "This is Ace. He's moving in. Ace, Pixie is Rocky's girlfriend. Pixie, are you staying the night again?"

"Dunno." Pixie stretched and yawned again. Ho hum. "I was out all night and didn't want to get into another fight with my folks, so I decided to crash here."

"Oh," said Carly, "I didn't hear you come in this morning."

Pixie replied, "You already left for work."

Carly asked, "But how did you get in? You don't have a key."

Pixie replied, nonchalantly, as she climbed over the back of the sofa, "Kitchen window was unlocked. When's dinner?"

Carly is left speechless.