So far this is the only appearance of Cousin Gabe.

The whole Selective Service thing always smelled to me of a setup. There’s no real danger of a draft being reinstituted, not as long as congressmen have sons. The problem is, young men aren’t really kept aware of the need to register and keep it updated. So, if it does come down to needing more troops, all they gotta do is send the sherif around to offer either a pair of cuffs or enlistment papers.

Paranoid? Probably.

↓ Transcript
A young man enters Ace's office. "Hey, Cousin Ace!"

Ace answers, "Gabe? What brings you here?"

Gabe says, "Dad says I need a tux for some show we're seeing Friday."

Gabe hands Ace an envelope. "Hey, lose this for me, would you?"

Ace glances at it. "Selective Service? Not going to register?"

Gabe says, "Yeah. Don't you feel a Draft coming on?"

Ace tells him, "Not really."

Ace continues. "Why would the government implement a program as unpopular as The Draft, when they're sure to find lots of 'volunteers' that 'forgot' to register and prefer not to do the time in jail."

He adds slyly, "You should be fine though. What are the chances your dad's remembered to list you as a deduction in every tax return he's filed for the last 18 years?"

Gabe reaches out. "I'll take that back now."