I admit, I’ve been  binge-watching Counting Cars the last few weeks.

My dad’s a mechanic. Some of my earliest memories are helping bleed brake lines and watching him adjust valves and timings. I don’t think I count as a car nut, but I can rebuild an engine.

One of my favorite shows is Counting Cars. Not only is the work done by Count’s Kustoms beautiful, but you see some real heart. I wanna be like Danny when I grow up.

Naturally, I think about what I’d have them do were I ever to have more money than sense. (Actually, if I just had the money. A 20 dollar bill seems to outstrip my sense sometimes.)

For hood art, I’d want a mural of an angel holding the Count’s Kustoms trademark cross. So, I give you Spooky auditioning for the role.

You can find a large version at: https://www.deviantart.com/andyoh-tmi/art/Angel-Spooky-with-Count-s-Kustoms-Cross-755629598