Naturally, protein strips come with a choice of dipping sauces.

↓ Transcript
Columbia: I’ll just have toasted protein strips.

Kimi: Toasted protein strips?

Ready: Mechanically separated meat, mostly fish or bront, an Orion version of tofu, rice, and kelp. Cultured with mycellia, pressed, and dried, then toasted for serving. It’s a Basic Provision item, but still very popular.

Kimi: Basic?

Ready: No one goes hungry in the Empire. If one is short or trying to save up on Resource Credits, one can always enjoy Basic Provision menu items from any cafeteria at no cost. But you ladies are welcome to have whatever is available. Patient meals are covered by the Medical Department.

Columbia: But I’m not a- Oh. I’ve been checked in, haven’t I?

Ready: That is not for me to comment on. I am simply an attendant medic. But the Chief Surgeon will be here to talk to you shortly. I can say that you need not return to your post.