She would have put a man in “The Can” but Purist males willing to travel are a bit rare…

↓ Transcript
Still in “High” Orion…

na-B’Lili: [My Ladierr? What the machine said…]

K’Aya: [Relax. We’ve been over this. They’d like to eavesdrop on us. but, can’t. I being Agent Aboard of The Assembly, and you, as my Hand, must be completely free of observation here and in our quarters. There aren’t even any pickups to enable. Even if they thought they had something on us, the Captain has no right to arrest or detain us. As long as we are circumspect we have no worries.]

na-B’Lili: [But, if our fellow Purists haven’t regained control when we get back…]

K’Aya: [I have friends that not even you know of. We could kill a princess on record, and even if that got home, no more than a slap on the wrist would await us.]

na-B’Lili: [And when the fabbers and transporters go wild…]

K’Aya: [No witnesses. Even the control nanos we smuggled aboard will be reduced to atoms. Does that put your mind at ease?]


na-B’Lili: [It’s one less thing to keep me up at night. All these people…]

K’Aya: [Are supporters of The Mongrel Empress, the usurper, traitors to The Empire, and and a threat to Orion Purity. And don’t worry. When I’m done with you this next Rest, you’re going to need to sleep late. We’ll open up the good oiski. Queue up some classic erotica on the viewer. Get out the scented oils. And I’ve had something new fabbed.]


na-B’Lili: [I serve My Lady in all things. But, again so soon? I still have rope burns healing.]

K’Aya: [Remember, you and your mother would be living Basic, on Tesla Station, without me. We are the only true Highborn on this ship. Would you have anyone else touch you?]

na-B’Lili: [Alright, but you promised; no more putting things in my butt.]

K’Aya: [We’ll discuss it.]