Kind of broke sequence here I guess.

Bleach is, in my opinion, the best anime series I’d seen up until the time. It’s currently available on DVD. If you’ve ever wondered about anime, or seen something that put you off about anime, you should check it out. It just might change your mind.

↓ Transcript
Ace and Rocky are in Ace's room. Ace is watching anime on his computer.

Rocky: So, what are you watching here anyway, Ace?
Ace: This is a really cool anime called "Bleach."
Rocky: Anime? That's the schoolgirl and tentacle stuff?

Ace: Okay, anime is a generic term for Japanese animation. And I confess that sort of thing does exist, but this title is a battle adventure series. I don't normally collect "hentai," as it's called.
Rocky: "Normally?" So, you have some I can borrow?